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Here’s what recent clients of Blue Skies CBT have said:

FG, London

“Amanda has been a huge help for me in maintaining a more stable mood. She provided useful tools for recognising my personal triggers and helped me understand and reframe them using CBT. I am calmer and less anxious since working with Amanda.”

Rachel, London

“I felt happier and more relaxed around mealtimes after only a few sessions with Amanda. I had not realised that my experience of Misophonia was so common; the rage and desire to flee made sense once I saw the CBT model. With Amanda’s help I was able to drop my safety behaviours, which I was previously unaware of. I now feel freer and lighter than before.”

Stan, Hertfordshire

“Before I saw Amanda Magill for CBT, depression and anxiety were firmly in the way of me living my life. I would perpetually worry, overthink and avoid problems facing me on a day to day basis. But CBT helped me change that, for me the process was split into two main parts.

Firstly CBT allowed me to notice my behaviour, clarify my emotions and to determine what my goals were. From there, Amanda helped me to identify the core unhealthy beliefs, analyse and put them into perspective, before replacing them with more balanced set of beliefs.

In the second part of the process I was encouraged to allow these changes to permeate into other aspects of life, so that the CBT began to yield tangible results.

I achieved all my goals set out in our early sessions, but now I also feel much calmer, present and focused in daily life.

I cannot thank Amanda enough. Her compassionate and professional approach always made me feel welcome to discuss any problem that was troubling me and her resourcefulness to have, on hand, applicable CBT techniques and theory has been invaluable. I will continue to use these techniques and theory in my daily life.”

Sarah, Potters Bar

“I want to say thank you again for the CBT sessions we did. I have to say that whilst I was very positive about the results we achieved, I was nervous about stopping.

I did wonder if I would dip back into the well-worn cycle of unhelpful ways of thinking.  I am pleased to say this has not happened. It seems almost miraculous in some ways, and an incredible testament to the power of CBT as a method of treatment. I truly can’t thank you enough for helping me identify my unhelpful ways of thinking and helping me to realise how they impacted on my behaviour within relationships and life.  Then supporting me to understand and be confident that I could change. 

It’s only now, when reflecting on the past, that I understand how very much I needed support with my overwhelming worries and feelings of anxiety.  I was at a crisis point in my life when support was essential.  CBT was a massive help then and continues to be now.”